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Permeation injection is a method of distributing a solution into the subsurface. It has been used in the environmental remediation industry since the 1980s. It distributes the solution through naturally occurring primary and secondary porosity of the soil or bedrock. The hydraulic pressure of the injection system is maintained below fracture pressures so that the injected fluid travels through the pore throats into the pore spaces of the soil or bedrock matrix and along secondary features such as natural fractures.


Injectable reagents include surfactants, chemical oxidants or reductants, bio-stimulating treatment amendments, etc. Permeation injection of solid phase amendments is only possible if the particle size of the amendment is small enough to pass through the pore throats of the matrix or along secondary porosity features.


Not all sites or geological settings are conducive or technically feasible for permeation injection, but it can be an effective remediation process on sites where conditions favour the delivery of treatment amendments at sub-fracture pressures. Please call us to see if permeation injection is suitable for your location.




Permeation Injection