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1. Environmental Fracturing can be used for permeability enhancement or...   Read more. 2. Remedial amendment emplacement...   Read more.


Geo Tactical offers a range of in situ remediation services. We have found that working with our clients to offer a service package that is customized for their needs produces the best results. While the site’s geology, contaminant type and distribution, treatment kinetics, and appropriate drilling method(s) are critical in determining what remediation technologies are suitable for your site; client goals and expectations and site constraints must also be taken into consideration when selecting the best approach for the site.
Geo Tactical offers the following services:
Permeation injection is a method of distributing a solution into the subsurface.  It has been used in the environmental remediation industry since the 1980s...   Read more.
Fractures placed in the subsurface can be mapped remotely using surface mounted tiltmeters. Tiltmeters are highly sensitive instruments used to measure the minute ground surface...   Read more.
In addition to our main services we also use our specialized mixing equipment and safety protocols for ex situ treatment of soils with solution oxidants.   Call us to discuss what the most suitable and cost-effective options might be for your site. Let us share the benefits of our experience with you.